OurConquer Game Features!

  • Stable NA hosted server
  • All Classes > Trojan and Epic Trojan / Warrior and Epic Warrior / Archer and Assasin / Taoist and Epic Toaist / Monk and Epic Monk / Ninja and Epic Ninja / Pirate / Dragon-Warrior
  • Instant level 140 and VIP level 6 upon logging in.
  • 1 CPs drop in all maps
  • Many opportunities to earn cps from events and bosses
  • Nobility ranks: On the 1st of every month, Resets by 100% for non-donators and 70% for those that purchase anything from the Purchase page on our website.
  • Game features include Chi, JiangHu, and Sub-Classes.
  • Various events including Skill Team PK, Team PK, Capture The Flag, Super Guild War, and more.